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What do CEA Perform




Chinese Enterprises Association will perform the following functions to all members:


1.      Provide U.S. and China statistical and business information reports. .

2.      Promote the export and import events in both U.S. and China.

3.      Convene educational and training programs.

4.      Sponsor trades show and exhibitions.

5.      Publish advertisement for business of members.

6.      Publish periodical to advise members of upcoming activities and important issues that are related to the industry.

7.      Work as government liaison, including the presentation to Congress and various government departments and agencies about issues on supporting of industry positions like export controls, capital formation and federal tax policy.

8.      Convene member meetings or tours to exchange business information and experiences in the U.S. - China trade.

9.      Issue invitations for and on behalf of major Chinese trade fairs.

10.    Correspond to major Chinese Associations & Chambers of Commerce at all state and provincial level.