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Introduction of Peter J. Gong




Peter J. Gong, male, the Han nationality, one of the original founders of Chinese Enterprise Association (CEA), and elected as the first Secretary-General, director and vice president of CEA.  He was in charge of the daily management and the development of CEA. He organized and successfully held several big events of promoting Chinese trading and commerce, Chinese Spring Festival Party, National Day celebrations, and visiting delegations between U.S. and Chinese the sister cities. He was incorporating CEA into the mainstream, while he held up CEA to support the activities of overseas Chinese organizations. With his efforts, CEA grew at a fast pace and became one of the major Chinese organizations that has influence in San Francisco Bay Area during the first one and half years since its founding. He worked hard to recruit members on a vast basis. He directly contributed to the founding of CEA Portland Branch. As early in 1999, he was the forerunner to call for forming a nation-wide confederation of Chinese Enterprise Associations which was the prelude to the birth of China General Chamber of Commerce – USA.

Peter Gong studied in the Institute of Navy Electronics Engineering (now the University of Navy Engineering) and got his BA degree there. He later came to studied in UC Berkeley and J. F. K. University and got his MA/MBA degree. He is also a U.S. Customs Broker licensed holder. His work experiences including China Ocean Aviation Corp., CCPIT/BJ and Beijing Int’l Technical and Economical Co., Chief Rep in the U.S. of organizing committee of China Beijing Int’l Hi-tech Expo. He is the founder of Great Way Trading & Transportation, Inc., and CEA Business Center, Inc.