Protectionism only makes world economy worse




"Trade protectionism will only make the already ailing world economy even worse," said Chinese Commerce Minister Chen Deming at the just concluded China Development Forum in Beijing.

    Amid global economic recession, Chen expressed Sunday his strong opposition to the spreading trade protectionism and hoped "the international community could intensify cooperation in the fight against sweeping financial crisis."

    "The Chinese government has reiterated its stance on trade protectionism on many occasions," he said, stressing "the liberalization and healthy development of international trade and investment are important force" that pushes forward the world economic recovery.

    Seeing the current financial crisis has inflicted severe difficulties on the whole world, Chen made it clear protectionism will make the already ailing world economy even worse.

    On the other hand, he said, "only strengthening cooperation and maintaining the smoothness of the international trade are in the fundamantal interests of all."

    In February, the minister led a Chinese delegation to Eruope and singed purchasing agreements of 13 billion U.S. dollars with four partners to express China;s resolute stance opposing trade protectionism.

    According to a ministry spokesman, China will send abroad more delegations for sci-tech cooperation, trade and investment this year to further its determination.

    The three-day China Development Forum 2009 under the theme "China's Development and Reform in the Global Financial Crisis" began on Saturday.

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