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The Anniversary of 5.12 Sichuan Earthquake


Immediately after the shocking news of the historical earthquake in Wenchuan, Sichuan, China, the whole Chinese overseas societies in the U.S. are acting to donate fund and relief goods to the disaster area. In northern California, the Chinese Consulate General operated the relief actions smoothly under the strong supports from all the peoples and organizations in the districts.

Soon after the earthquake, led by Counsel Tian of Economic and Commercial Section, over a dozens of young diplomats from the Consulate General were working day and night to handle the urgent relief shipments to Sichuan, China in lots donated from all the places from northern California. With the tight deadline to ship out, all the relief goods had been gathered and made it to be loaded on board before the cut-off time, even with the last-minute shipment donated from NCC512.org, a temporary relief organization just set up for charity donation for this severe earthquake.  Great Way Trading & Transportation, Inc. an international freight forwarder, managed to make all special bookings with the China Eastern Airlines to move truckloads of relief goods by air directly to Chengdu, Sichuan



The relief jobs would not be completed successfully without the timely and efficient organization from the Consulate General, without selfless supports from all overseas


Chinese groups and associations, without the volunteers’ inputs especially those young diplomats from the Consulate General.  At the moment of this first anniversary of the earthquake, Chinese Enterprise Association expresses its highest appreciation to everyone who had contributed to this relief campaign last year.


Below photos show the volunteers at San Francisco airport terminal to transfer relief goods


Counsel TIAN, Deyou(middle) with young diplomat volunteers from Chinese Consulate General


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