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New Chinese Consul General arrives in San Francisco


  From Consulate-General of PRC in San Francisco

Yuan Nansheng arrived at SFO on April 5 to take up his role as the 11th Chinese Consul General in San Francisco. He was warmly greeted by the consulate staff and some of the leaders from the Chinese community in the Bay Area.

At the airport, Consul General Yuan gave an interview with the local media. "The San Francisco consular district covers the states that hold a very important place in America's political, economical, trade, financial, scientific and cultural landscape and have a big role to play in the shared endeavor of china and the US to building cooperative relationship based on mutual respect and mutual benefit and exploring new type of great power relationship between them." He said.

"I am extremely honored with this post and feel a tremendous responsibility on my shoulders. In the days ahead, I will build on what my predecessors have achieved in broadening and deepening the friendly cooperation between China and the San Francisco consular district, strengthening our people-to-people ties and protecting the legitimate interests of the Chinese citizens in this district." He said.

Before assuming his diplomatic post in San Francisco, Yuan Nansheng was the Chinese Ambassador to the Republic of Suriname. Before that, he had served as the Chinese Ambassador to Zimbabwe and the Chinese consul General in Mumbai, India.

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