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SF Consulate General's Reception for CEA




Photo: From left, Yilla Guan - senior member, Yuan Nansheng – Consulate General, Peter Gong – CEA founder and founding Vice President and Secretary General, Ken Ng – CEA founder and founding President.

Yun Nansheng, the Consulate General of PRC in San Francisco hosted his first dinner reception to all the members of Chinese Enterprises Association on June 28th 2013. Mr. Yuan delivered a short speech with a merry quip, which shows his personal style of wit and the close relationship with CEA members. Mr. Song Ru’An - the Deputy Consulate General, Mr. Xia Xiang – the Economic & Commercial Counselor, and Mr. Xia, Shuguang – the Economic & Commercial Consul also participated the reception. An atmosphere of warm friendship prevailed at the reception. The other attendees included almost forty people from the CEA member businesses, and other staff from the employees of Chinese news media in northern California, with a total about sixty people shown up at the reception.


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